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Myrtle Beach Spas, Things to Do With Timeshare Presentations

Leave stress at the front door as you immerse into a truly magnificent experience at the Awakening Spa in Myrtle Beach. During your visit, we ensure that you will return home relaxed and invigorated. Each one of our Myrtle Beach day spa services are customized to each individuals needs. You can book a relaxing spa by taking advantage of timeshare presentation deals.

Exploring the great outdoors? Spend the day at Huntington Beach State Park to trek through miles of nature trails. Relax on the golden sands, or go surf fishing for the afternoon. This beach is also home to nearly 200 campsites that are perfect for a family camping trip.

The Myrtle Beach area’s new 1.2 mile long Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade traverses through the sand from the 14th Avenue to 2nd Avenue Piers in Myrtle Beach. Your timeshare presentations will get you the best vacation deals. Throughout the summer, the popular Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is home to festivals and events, including Ocean Boulevard’s Hot Summer Nights located at Plyler Park in the heart of the downtown area. Always a family favorite, the boardwalk provides oceanfront views of the pristine beach line, numerous shops and restaurants along its path. Did you know the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk took nine months and nearly $6.5 million to build? It is comprised of nearly 800,000 feet of lumber, and builders used around 300,000 nails, 555,000 screws and 10,000 bolts to complete the project timeshare presentation deals

Did you know Myrtle Beach SC Waters ports offers a little something for everyone with locations and activities from one end of the Grand Strand top the other.  Jet skiing, jet ski dolphin tours, pontoon boat rentals and more! Plus, friendly and personalized service keeps our customers coming back year after.

Captain Dick’s in Murrell’s inlet provides deep sea fishing, game fish trolling, shark fishing, and dolphin watch trips plus parasailing, boat and jet ski rentals.  Reservations are recommended.

Downwind Sails Water Sports offers five types of exciting ways to get wet.  Choose from jet skis, banana boat rides, kayak rides, sailboat rides and rentals or parasailing in Myrtle Beach SC.

Bribes and Kickbacks for Timeshare Promotions

Timeshare Presentation Deals Kickbacks

Business owners, third parties and employees of timeshare companies must ensure that payments made by or on behalf of the timeshare company are made only for ligitimate business purposes for timeshare promotions.  Under no circumstances is it acceptable to offer, give, solicit or receive any form of bribe or kickback, even if in the form of a facilitation or “grease” payment.

You must not give or offer anything of value that would be beyond usual or customary practices or would violate laws on giving whether to foreign and U.S. government officials, or commercial third parties, such as vendors and suppliers, even if the gift is in the form of a charitable or political contribution.

This generally applies to timeshare company transactions within and outside of the United States.   For more information, you can visit the Anti-Corruption Laws and Rules.

Gifts and Entertainment that is lavish or frequent may appear to influence your independent judgement.  If an invitation seems inappropriate, it is best to turn it down and don’t accept the offer or pay the true value of the entertainment.

Now that you know what isn’t acceptable, lets talk about why most people even take the time to see timeshare promotions.  The bottom line is that people trade their time for a deeply discounted vacation or a free vacation.  If that’s not enough some will get free gifts that ranges from theme park tickets, to gift cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Dinner Show Tickets, Broadway Shows, Las Vegas Shows, Meal Tickets, Gambling Vouchers, and the list goes on.   The name of the game is your time in exchange for my gifts, but you must stay the entire time of the timeshare presentation deals to receive what was promised and often you stay a lot longer than expected or planned.  They want you to become an owner and statistically speaking only 1 out of 10 become owner’s and depending on the timeshare company you may have 2 to 3 out of 10 due to some companies have lower standards than others to qualify such as age, income, credit, down payments, etc.

Summer Vacation Timeshare Presentation Deals


We have found over 23 different destinations that you and your family can travel to during the summer that offer timeshare presentation deals and timeshare promotions.  The top summer destinations in the United States are Orlando, Daytona Beach, Destin, Panama City, Fort Lauderdale, Myrtle Beach, Oceanside Beach, San Francisco, Manhattan, New York and New Orleans.

The Egyptian summer vacation that we recommend is Sharm El Sheik for summer beach fun. From here we can travel to Greece. This ancient country is filled with mystery and lots of places to explore which makes it perfect for our summer vacation spots.

Hang on to your hats because we are about to begin our tour of a few summer vacation spots. As I said our first stop will be Egypt. Here we will see the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings. This is the place where the Egyptian pharaohs were buried. After we explore this valley to our heartís content we will visit the Cairo Museum to see the various Egyptian artifacts that were discovered.


Our next summer vacation spots we will see from our Nile River cruise. As we float up the river we will see Thebes, Luxor, Aswan, and Edfu amongst others too numerous to name. We will also pass by the many magnificent pyramids which were the last earthly resting place of the great pharaohs. After visiting as many sights as we can and having shopped to our heartís content, we will hop over to the next of our summer vacation spots.

This stop will be in Greece. Here we can sample some delicious Greek food and try the intoxicating Greek wine. After a small rest its time for us to visit Delphi the home of the ancient Greek oracle. Here an ancient priestess would see the future and tell what plans the Gods and Goddesses had for the people. Next we will explore the many ruins that seem to be found all over Greece. You can head to Athens to see how the modern world and the ancient one have meshed. Then take an airplane and head towards our other summer vacation spots. First we will go towards the Maldives islands.

These chains of islands are in the shape of a necklace. All of these islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters. At one the resort island we will rent our private cabana and relax while we take in the peaceful surroundings. After a great meal we can dive into the stunningly clear blue waters and explore the ocean around us. We will see many beautiful tropical fish swimming around. Every so often you can be thrilled by the sight of sharks lazily swimming past us.

Oops our time is up and itís time that we headed back home. By the time we reach our homes I am sure that you will have a few ideas of where you want to go for some great summer vacation spots. So when you arrive donít waste time, start your tour of the summer vacation spots soon.

Timeshare Promotions

We Provide Low Rates for Timeshare Vacation Packages

  • Get A FREE Vacation for Select Destinations a Limited Time Offer: For a limited time this company is offering vacation destinations for Free to four different locations.  These destinations offer hotel and resort stays for 3 to 5 star hotels.  Some of the hotels and resorts are well known to travelers and can be difficult to get, however with these timeshare presentation deals you don’t have any black-out dates, which includes weekends and holidays.  This is a rare gem. Just to name a few of the hotels and resorts that you will have access to are the following:  Wyndham Grand Bonnet Creek, Melia Celebration Hotel, The Groves and many other options.
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Smoky Mountains

Learn How Smart Travelers Get Free Vacation Deals

Most people who take vacations spend from $575 – $2,500 per week, which will vary depending on the star rating of the hotel or resort.  The smart travelers who have figured it out have learned to trade for 90 minutes to 120  minutes of their time in exchanged for a free vacation or a deeply discounted vacation usually know as Timeshare Promotions or Timeshare Presentation Deals.

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