Bribes and Kickbacks for Timeshare Promotions

Timeshare Presentation Deals Kickbacks

Business owners, third parties and employees of timeshare companies must ensure that payments made by or on behalf of the timeshare company are made only for ligitimate business purposes for timeshare promotions.  Under no circumstances is it acceptable to offer, give, solicit or receive any form of bribe or kickback, even if in the form of a facilitation or “grease” payment.

You must not give or offer anything of value that would be beyond usual or customary practices or would violate laws on giving whether to foreign and U.S. government officials, or commercial third parties, such as vendors and suppliers, even if the gift is in the form of a charitable or political contribution.

This generally applies to timeshare company transactions within and outside of the United States.   For more information, you can visit the Anti-Corruption Laws and Rules.

Gifts and Entertainment that is lavish or frequent may appear to influence your independent judgement.  If an invitation seems inappropriate, it is best to turn it down and don’t accept the offer or pay the true value of the entertainment.

Now that you know what isn’t acceptable, lets talk about why most people even take the time to see timeshare promotions.  The bottom line is that people trade their time for a deeply discounted vacation or a free vacation.  If that’s not enough some will get free gifts that ranges from theme park tickets, to gift cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Dinner Show Tickets, Broadway Shows, Las Vegas Shows, Meal Tickets, Gambling Vouchers, and the list goes on.   The name of the game is your time in exchange for my gifts, but you must stay the entire time of the timeshare presentation deals to receive what was promised and often you stay a lot longer than expected or planned.  They want you to become an owner and statistically speaking only 1 out of 10 become owner’s and depending on the timeshare company you may have 2 to 3 out of 10 due to some companies have lower standards than others to qualify such as age, income, credit, down payments, etc.

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